In 2013, OccupyLove WorldWide traveled to Cebu to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. We joined forces with Hot Rocks Gym there and handed out packages containing candles, matches, clothes, water, and rice. We packed 175 packages. Unfortunately, the bags we packed were gone within minutes! We were forced to turn away many women and children. Our team, completely heartbroken, returned to the orphanage in the Pasil slum to spend time with the children there. While we were saddened and distraught, these children were finding happiness in a pick-up game of basketball! This motivated us to come back and to bring aid for over 3,000 people. Thanks to contributions from people like you, we completed that goal and delivered the packages to Bantayan Island, where most of the devastation in Cebu had occurred.

#BasketballisLife is an OccupyLove WorldWide operation focused on the creation of a recreational center in the heart of the Pasil slums in Cebu, Philippines. We want to repay the children that inspired us to keep pushing forward. The recreational center will give them a fun, healthy alternative to violence, drugs, and the deprivation these children face daily. We will also have professionals from many different trades hold educational workshops, so children and adults can learn how to better their life circumstances and lift up their communities. The target date for the ribbon cutting ceremony is October 1st, as well as a celebrity basketball game that will bring much needed attention to the children forced to live in these harsh conditions. Pepsi Philippines has already agreed to supply the orphanage with a new AC unit, fund a scoreboard and shot clocks for our new court, help us with the celebrity basketball game, and donate product for the October 1st event. The total cost for this facility is around $40,000 USD. Please help us by donating to our cause and sharing this with your networks. The children of Pasil are counting on your contributions and our team will personally travel to Cebu to deliver, once again. There are several special sponsorship packages available for this project. Please choose which sponsorship level works for you! Thank you for your generosity! Spread Love